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The weather is beautiful in Barbados!

Relax!Bajan - what people lucky enough to be from Barbados like to call themselves, and what everyone else in the world wants to be; the adjective used to describe Mount Gay Rum.

Relax!Bruggadung - the sound of a fall

Relax!Cafuffled - confused, bewildered.

Relax!Doin' Dixie - if you're the life of the party you'll definitely be "doin' dixie! Having a real good time and dancing up a storm

Relax!Gap - not a space between your teeth, but rather the Bajan way of saying "street". For example: I gine up the gap li'l bit (I'm going up the street for a while)

Relax!Gully-boar - person with no class.

Relax!Kadooment - fun and good times, the name of Barbados' biggest carnival, always held the first Monday in August

Relax!Mini moke - a small, open car that's perfect for getting from beach to beach in Barbados

Relax!Pompasettin' - showing off

Relax!Pride of Barbados - the national flower

Relax!Roti - an Indian-Caribbean dish consisting of spiced meat placed in a chapati similar to a wrap in the US. These generally have curry and potatoes in addition to conkies, a mixture of cornmeal, coconut, pumpkin, raisins, sweet potatoes and spices steamed in banana leaves.

Relax!Rumbustuous - the word coined in Barbados which probably described the way settlers felt afer a few shots of rum - in very good spirits (no pun intended) and full of life

Relax!Stepney - one that you probably won't hear anywhere else, which means a spare tire

Relax!Wukkin' up - a high energy, gyrating dance that could probably get you arrested most places outside the Caribbean

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