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The weather is beautiful in Barbados!

Before you leave home:

What to Do Arrange to have lawn mowed and watered

What to Do Arrange to have someone check the house periodically while you are gone (be sure they know how to contact you)

What to Do Arrange to have trash taken out

What to Do Arrange for pet care

What to Do Call police

What to Do Call resort and confirm exchange or rental.

What to Do Disconnect garage door openers

What to Do Leave emergency contact information with a neighbor, friend, or relative

What to Do Set up lamp timers

What to Do Shut off ice maker

What to Do Stop Mail and Newspaper

What to Do Tell a neighbor you're leaving

What to Do Turn down hot water heater

What to Do Turn down furnace thermostat

What to Do Turn off water to washing machine

What to Do Unplug computer and other home electronic equipment

What to Do Verify insurance coverage (health, auto, etc.)

All these items can be purchased in Barbados, but they will probably not be brands to which you are accustomed.

What to Do After-bite stick

What to Do Allergy medications

What to Do Aloe Vera for sunburns

What to Do Bactine ointment

What to Do Band-Aids

What to Do Benadryl cream

What to Do Burn spray

What to Do Contact lens solution

What to Do Cotton balls

What to Do Dial soap (for wounds)

What to Do Disinfectant spray (to kill athlete’s foot fungus)

What to Do Dramamine

What to Do First Aid Kit

What to Do Gauze sponges

What to Do Hydrocortisone cream

What to Do Imodium

What to Do Iodine

What to Do Neosporin

What to Do New skin liquid

What to Do Pepto Bismol

What to Do Q-tips

What to Do Rubbing alcohol swabs

What to Do Sleeping pills

What to Do Steri strips

What to Do Tweezers

What to Do Tylenol/Aspirin/Ibuprofen

What to Do Vitamins

Take Documents and Photocopies of:

What to Do Airline Tickets or boarding passes. You will also need these for dutyfree shopping.

What to Do Auto Rental Confirmation

What to Do Personal auto insurance policy number

What to Do Driver's License. You will need this to get your temporary Barbados license.

What to Do Exchange or rental confirmation

What to Do Medical Insurance Forms

What to Do Passports and Visas. Color copies are handy to carry for each member of your party, too. Every person entering Barbados, including all North American citizens (Americans and Canadians), should be in possession of a valid passport and a valid return ticket. Visas are required for people traveling from some countries. View the list here.

Dutyfree shopping is especially popular, with prices typically being 30 to 50% less than in Europe and North America! When making dutyfree purchases be sure to have your passport or airline ticket with you. Your packages can be delivered to the airport or sea port for your convenience.

What to Do Prescriptions and eyeglass info

What to Do Reservations and confirmations for activities purchased or reserved before leaving

What to Do Shot Records

Electronic conveniences:

What to Do A/C adapters if coming from the UK. Barbados uses US wiring.

What to Do Camera / underwater camera. There are many places available for film developing and single-use cameras can be purchased. If going on a trip which involves scuba or snorkling, the vendor will be able to rent you underwater cameras.

What to Do Cell phone. Check before leaving home if you have coverage in Barbados. If not, you can add it, or rent a phone while you're there. We've had good luck with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T (Cingular)

What to Do Computer

What to Do Digital camera; underwater camera

What to Do DVD Favorites

What to Do Extension cord, surge protector

What to Do Flashlight

What to Do Modular phone cord for computer. If you have either a network card or a USB port, the Crane can supply you with cables and help you get set up for faster connection times.

What to Do Night light (for bathroom)

What to Do USB computer cable (to download pictures from digital camera or for cable or DSL modem in room

Helpful to have:

What to Do $1 bills for tips

What to Do Address Book

What to Do Baby wipes

What to Do Bath salts/bubble bath

What to Do Binoculars

What to DoBooks. The Crane also provides some books and games in a lending library. You can leave your old books behind for pthers.

What to Do Collapsible cooler

What to Do Compass

What to Do Credit cards. Most of the hotels, restaurants and commercial establishments will accept credit cards. Travelers cheques in U.S., U.K. and Canadian funds are also cashable at many outlets. There are many Banks in Barbados (mostly British and Canadian) and most have ABMs (ATMs) that will accept credit cards and Interac. They all dispense funds in Barbados dollars at the current rate of exchange.

What to Do Duct tape/other tape

What to Do Eyeglasses

What to Do Extra suitcase for souvenirs

What to Do Games (playing cards, board games). The Crane also provides some books and games.

What to Do Magazines (to leave behind)

What to Do Maps, if you have them already. If you're renting a car, the car company will give you a map. Also, there are tourist maps greely available around the island.

What to Do Pool and sand toys for the kids

What to Do Rubber bands

What to Do Scotch tape

What to Do Sewing Kit

What to Do Shampoo and conditioner. The Crane has hairdryers in each bathroom.

What to Do Snorkel and Swim Fins

What to Do Sunglasses

What to Do Suntan lotion/sunscreen. This is an obvious one but every day there are literally hundreds of cases of sunburn, especially after a cloudy day. Even if the sun is not out you will burn! Children should wear tshirts and hats even when swimming (especially when swimming!)

What to Do Videos/DVDs/CDs

What to Do Water shoes and/or sandals

What to Do Waterproof pouch

The larger apartment has a washer and dryer so, unless you are going to be using the lock-off only, you will be able to take fewer clothes with you and wash them there.

If you are using the lock-off only, there is a laundry close by which does good work. They even have a small collection of used books.

What to Do Cap/Hat

What to Do Diapers

What to Do Disposable raincoat

What to Do Fanny pack

What to Do Swimming suit, coverup. Bathing suits are not allowed in town. Be sure to be covered when you leave the beach!

What to Do Windbreaker

What to Do Walking shoes

What to Do Water shoes/aqua socks

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