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Accra Beach

Beaches Food and Snacks Scuba and snorkeling  Watersports

This beach, the biggest on the south coast, is very popular with locals and tourists. Located near Rockley, it features public changing facilities and a parking lot; snorkeling equipment and beach umbrellas are available for rent. Hungry for a snack? Vendors sell food and handicrafts from booths along the sand.  Rockley, South Coast

Andromeda Gardens

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The Andromeda Botanical Gardens, found in the parish of St. Joseph, is a six-acre garden containing several varieties of orchids, palms, ferns, heliconia, hibiscus, bougainvillea, begonias and cacti. The beautiful and exotic flowers and trees are complemented by a lovely stream which bisects the land and forms enchanting pools and waterfalls.

This garden was named for Andromeda, the Greek maiden tied to a rock and sacrificed to a sea monster. Also located on rock, the specimens at this garden's six cultivated acres can be found on a cliff overlooking the rugged Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of orchids, hibiscus, ferns, begonias and palms thrive among the jagged rocks, gurgling streams and calm ponds. The flower garden is also a haven for many animals – don’t be surprised to catch sight of a lizard, mongoose or monkey!

Work on the Garden was started in 1954 by Mrs. Iris Bannochie, a local horticulturist. At her death, Mrs. Bannochie bequeathed Andromeda to the Barbados National Trust, which now runs the Garden.

Entrance FeesCOST: $6. Open TimesOPEN: Daily 9-5 Call for more infoBathsheba, St. Joseph, 246-433-9384

Animal Flower Cave

Food and Snacks Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Visitors descend into a system of sea caves that are home to beautiful "animal flowers"--small yellow sea anemones that resemble flowers when their tentacles are open. These jewel-like creatures live in underground pools and on the coral rock formations within the limestone sea caves. The cave interior is carpeted with these sea creatures, which include yellow anemones as well as a few of the rarer, small purple variety. When in the cave, be sure to look out toward the sea - the view of the surf breaking is spectacular. Shops (above ground) sell souvenirs and snacks.

Entrance FeesCOST: $2. Open TimesOPEN: Daily 9-4 Call for more infoNorth point of island, St. Lucy, 246-439-8797

Ayshford Bird Park

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

A riot of birds from all over the world, from Africa to the Caribbean. Many different species of parrots, pheasants, pigeons and show poultry are all on display here. There's a restaurant, and the property sits on a hill, offering a lovely view of Bridgetown and surrounding areas.  St. Thomas

Atlantis Submarine

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Scuba and snorkeling Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Those wanting a voyage to the bottom of the sea might try a trip on the Atlantis submarine diving to depths of 130 ft. Visitors can embark on a one-hour underwater tour on this 28-passenger real submarine, which makes its way past coral reefs, sponge garden, marine life, and a sunken ship. Divers accompany the sub and feed the fish so you get to view many colorful species at close range. After your trip you are even awarded a dive certificate! This is family-friendly entertainment, but children must be at least 42 inches tall to participate.
Call for more info St. Michael, 246-436-8929

Bajan Helicopters

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

You haven’t really experienced Barbados until you've explored it from the air. These air-conditioned helicopters can accommodate parties of up to five people. View the rugged east coast with its sharp cliffs and pounding surf. Then fly over to the gentler west coast with its calm waters and soft, sandy beaches. The blues and greens of the water are much more intense from the air, so bring your camera or video recorder and capture the experience.
Call for more info Bridgetown Heliport, Bridgetown, St. Michael, 246-431-0069

Barbados Gallery of Art

Historic Sites and Museums

This gallery was opened in 1996 and ever since, it has impressed visitors with its fine selection of Barbadian and Caribbean visual art. The actress Claudette Colbert, a longtime resident of Barbados, has a memorial garden here, and one of her paintings is on display.
Call for more info  Bush Hill, 246-228-0149

Barbados Golf Club

Food and Snacks Outdoor Activities, Zoos

This is the island’s first public championship course. Designed by Ron Kirby, it hosted the PGA Seniors Tournament in 2002. Mr. Kirby used stately mahogany trees, small lakes and coral bunkers to add character, challenge, and tropical ambiance to this pleasurable par-72 course. On-site amenities include a clubhouse, bar and restaurant. 
Call for more info  Barbados · 246-434-2121

Barbados Museum

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Housed in an 1815 British military prison, this distinctive museum traces the island’s evolution from 16th century, the time of the Arawaks (around 400 BC), to modern times. The museum's collections reveal a great deal about nineteenth-century military history and daily life. Visitor's can see a prisoner's cell as well as period rooms from a plantation house. The Barbados Museum is also known for its wonderful examples of European decorative arts and paintings as well as its numerous works by twentieth-century Caribbean artists. The museum also features a gift shop and a wonderful café where you can rest and refresh with a soda or coffee. There is also a children's gallery as well as dioramas featuring Barbados' gorgeous flora and fauna.

Barbados Museum Website Entrance FeesCOST: $5 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 10-4 Call for more infoGarrison Savannah, St. Michael, 246-427-0201

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

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This four-acre open-air zoo is home to both imported and native animals. Here you'll find the island's green monkeys roaming the grounds as well as Australian wallabies, iguanas, peacocks,  herons, wild rabbits, tortoises, otters, green monkeys, red-footed turtles, caimans (a form of alligator), brocket deer, and agoutis and a wide variety of tropical birds.  Alligators and pythons are on view as well behind glass. The complex includes a natural history museum and aviary filled with colorful parrots and other exotic birds.  Tours through this wildlife sanctuary are self-guided.

The Barbados Primate Research center has imported green monkeys to the area, where they thrive among the magnificent mahogany trees.

Entrance FeesCOST: $11.50 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 10-5 Call for more info Farley Hill, St. Peter, 246-422-8826

Barbados Zoo Park

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Nestled on the grounds of the old 'great house', Oughterson House, is the zoo park with its quaint menagerie. A great bird collection, some interesting monkeys from the region and South America, as well as oddities like Zebra and armadillos all reside on this property. The house has both architectural and historic interest and a tour of a portion of the house is part of the tour package.  St. Philip

Barclays Park

Beaches Food and Snacks  

This park has lovely picnic areas and tide pools in which you can wade and look for sea creatures. If you didn’t bring your own lunch, a local restaurant offers tasty snacks. A word of warning: many feel the surf at this beach is too dangerous for serious swimming – it's best to stick to wading and picnicking! Ermy Bourne Hwy, East Coast Rd

Bathsheba Soup Bowl


This wild, untamed stretch along Barbados’s Atlantic coast is a terrific spot for surfing. In fact, each November the Independence Classic Surfing Championship is held here. You can park your car and get snacks at nearby Barclay’s Park. While super for surfing, this beach might be a bit much for swimmers.  Tent Bay, St. Joseph

Bell Buoy

Scuba and snorkeling

This reef lies 35 to 70 feet under the water, making it a great spot for novices and intermediate divers. The reef is dome-shaped and home to brown coral tree forests and angelfish, blue chromis and parrot fish. The shallow depth of the reef allows plenty of light to filter down, making it an excellent choice for underwater photography. West Coast

Blue Jay Charters

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Boats and Ships Scuba and snorkeling Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

This diesel-powered boat can carry up to four passengers for four- or eight-hour fishing charters. The 45-foot vessel features comfortable fishing chairs, a large cockpit and restroom facilities.
Call for more info  Barbados · 246-422-2098

Blue Marlin

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Boats and Ships Scuba and snorkeling Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

This company specializes in all-inclusive four- and eight-hour family charters. Fees include transport, food, drink and fishing equipment. Barracuda, wahoo, tuna and marlin are all in full season, January through April, but thanks to the island’s coral, these fish can be found any time of year not too far from land. Participants need not be expert fisherfolk – the boat captains love to teach beginners.
Call for more info  1 Golf Club Rd, Christ Church, 246-436-4322

Bottom Beach

Beaches Scuba and snorkeling

You must venture down a few steps to reach this isolated cove, but it's worth it! Surrounded by high cliffs, the white sand beach feels like an idyllic hideaway. Swaying palms and aquamarine water make for beautiful photos. Be sure to bring a picnic lunch and all of the beach supplies that you'll need – there are no shops or vendors at Bottom Bay.  North of Sam Lord's Castle, St. Philip

Bridgetown Synagogue

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

The island’s historic Jewish temple, located just yards from Broad Street in Bridgetown, originated around 1627, shortly after the first British settlement with the exodus of Jews from Recife, Brazil. It was destroyed by hurricane in 1831, was rebuilt, fell into disrepair and was sold in 1929.

In 1983, it was bought back by the Jewish community and was restored to its present state with its beautiful Gothic arches, and is now a Barbados National Trust protected building and an active synagogue.

About 300 Jewish people of Recife, Brazil, persecuted by the Dutch, settled in Barbados in the 1660's. Skilled in the sugar industry, they quickly introduced the crop and passed on their skills in cultivation and production to the Barbados land owners.

With their help Barbados went on to become one of the world's major sugar producers. Grounds include a cemetery with graves of Jewish settlers dating back to the 1630s. This temple is believed to be the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. Services are held, and the building is open to the public.

COST: Donation requested. OPEN: Weekdays 9-4.
Call for more info  Synagogue La., Bridgetown, St. Michael, 246/426-5792

Bright Ledge and Maycocks Bay

Scuba and snorkeling

Visibility often reaches more than 100 feet at this wonder dive location. Several large coral reefs are divided by stretches of white sand, and rays and barracudas are frequent visitors.  Northwest Coast

Brighton Beach

Beaches Food and Snacks  Watersports Scuba and snorkeling

Thanks to gentle waves and a location convenient to Bridgetown, this beach is extremely popular with the local crowd, who come for a quick dip on their way home from work. The huge, unbroken stretch of beach offers public parking and changing facilities. Snacks are available, along with chairs and snorkeling equipment, at Weiser’s Beach Bar.  North of Bridgetown, St. Michael

Caribbean International Riding Centre

Outdoor Activities, Zoos

This full-service riding center offers scenic beach and country-trail rides for beginners and experts. Itineraries vary, so call for information on what trips are available for each skill level.
Call for more info  Barbados · 246-422-7433

Carlisle Bay

Scuba and snorkeling Boats and Ships

This marine park is located in a natural harbor and is well suited to beginners since many of the wrecks sit in only 25 to 40 feet of water. Four ships have been submerged here – the Berwyn, Eilon, C-Trek and Fox. In addition to old cannonballs and anchors, divers can expect to see frogfish, seahorses and eels. This bay is included on many of the boating day trips, such as the Tiami, Irish Mist, El Tigre and others. Outside Bridgetown

Casuarina Beach

Beaches Food and Snacks  Watersports Scuba and snorkeling

This beach offers some of the best windsurfing on the island, thanks to steady, gentle breezes. At the nearby Casuarina Beach Hotel, you can get refreshments and rent chairs, umbrellas, body boards and snorkeling equipment. Maxwell Coast Rd, St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church


Beaches Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Scuba and snorkeling Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Located on the East Coast of Barbados, Cattlewash offers a splendid landscape. With its salubrious climate and fresh breezes, it is an area well known as one of the best health resort areas in Barbados and indeed the Caribbean. Cattlewash is said to have derived its name from the cattle wading into the sea there!

The area is a very popular get-away spot for Barbadians, especially during the summer months. Although it is a very scenic and relaxing area, there are strong currents in the area and swimming in open water is not recommended. There are however many pools, surrounded by rocks where one can bathe safely. This is one of the stops on both the Adventureland Safari and Island Safari.  Near Bathsheba.

Chalky Mount

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Barbados is known for its pottery, and this small village is home to a number of them. Chalky Mount is built on a clay deposit and received its name from the texture of the clay. Visitors can watch as potters continue to make pots in the traditional way. Plant pots, tableware, pitchers, jugs, and other pottery are also offered for sale. This is one of the stops on the Adventureland Safari.

Cherry Tree Hill

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Approximately 850 feet above sea level, this area offers an excellent view of the “Scotland District”. The area is named after a Patron Saint of Scotland and completely covers the parish of St. Andrew. It is believed that the name “Cherry Tree Hill” originated from the large number of cherry trees, which once existed there. Today the road is lined by mature mahogany trees, which were introduced to Barbados after the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

Codrington College

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Codrington College, sitting high on a hill in St. John overlooking the Atlantic, offers one of the most spectacular views of the East Coast of Barbados.

Codrington College, the oldest Anglican theological college in the Western Hemisphere, was built in 1743 after Christopher Codrington had bequeathed the estate and considerable money at his death in 1710. Many West Indian priests have trained at Codrington and the College continues to play an active part in education and theological teachings, working closely with the University of the West Indies.

The setting of Codrington College is especially beautiful with a magnificent lily pond and a driveway lined with cabbage palm trees.

Cotton Tower

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Just off the main road in Horse Hill, St Joseph is a steep side road that leads up to Cotton Tower, one of the 11 original military signal stations on the island. Offering stunning views of the rugged Scotland District area above the Atlantic coast. This building was restored by the Barbados National Trust recently and is again open to the public. Island Safari passes by Cotton Tower. Located just off Route 6, in the direction of Hackleton's Cliff and at the top of Bowling Alley. (Bowling Alley is a well known hill).

Crane Beach

Beaches Food and Snacks Scuba and snorkeling Photo Gallery

In the Photo Gallery

High cliffs surround the pink sands of this beautiful beach. A lifeguard is always on duty during the day and the moderate surf makes the beach a premiere body surfing spot.  Besides your room, the hotel also provides changing facilities.  St. Philip

Dive Boat Safari

Scuba and snorkeling Boats and Ships

This dive company is fully licensed and run by true professionals. In addition to equipment rentals and diving tours, lessons are available.
Call for more info  Grand Barbados Beach Resort, Needham's Point, Bridgetown, St. Michael, 246-427-4350

Dive Shop, Ltd

Scuba and snorkeling Boats and Ships

The island's oldest dive shop offers equipment rentals and instruction. The experienced divers on staff will also be happy to point you toward the island's best dive sites.
Call for more info  Aquatic Gap, St. Michael, 246-426-9947

Dottins Reef

Scuba and snorkeling

This coral reef is located off the coast from Holetown. It's a terrific spot to find many varieties of tropical marine life, including barracudas and turtles. The dive depth is 40 to 60 feet. Holetown, St. James

Emancipation Statue

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions Photo Gallery

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This larger-than-life statue of a slave -- with raised hands, evoking both contempt and victory, and broken chains hanging from each wrist -- is commonly referred to as the Bussa Statue. Bussa was the man who, in 1816, led the first slave rebellion in Barbados. Looking out over the cane fields outside of Bridgewater, this memorial is a sobering reminder of the island’s history. St. Barnabas Roundabout, intersection of ABC Hwy. and Hwy. 5, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael near the Julie'N Supermarket

Farley Hill

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Rugged hills and picturesque grounds are the setting of this classic former plantation, a stately ruin with some 99 windows overlooking a national park with sweeping views of the Scotland District and the Atlantic coastline. At this national park in northern St. Peter, across the road from the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, the imposing ruins of a plantation greathouse are surrounded by gardens and lawns, along with an avenue of towering royal palms and gigantic mahogany, whitewood, and casuarina trees. Partially rebuilt for the filming of Island in the Sun, the classic 1957 film starring Harry Belafonte and Dorothy Dandridge, the structure was later destroyed by fire.

Entrance FeesCOST: $2 per car, pedestrians free. Open TimesOPEN: 8:30-6 Call for more infoFarley Hill, St. Peter, 246-422-3555

Flower Forest

Food and Snacks Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

This 50-acre botanic garden has been created on the grounds of an former sugar plantation perched 850 feet above sea level. Visitors can stroll the half-mile long paved path and enjoy fragrant and beautiful flower species, both native to Barbados and imported from around the world, as well as tropical trees and plants such as mango, golden apple, breadfruit, cocoa, avocado, and bamboo. There is a beautiful view of Mt. Hillaby. More than 100 species of flora inhabit this area. A snack bar sells food and drinks to refresh you after your trek through nature. Once renewed, stop by the gift shop to purchase souvenirs.

Entrance FeesCOST: $7 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 9-5. Call for more infoHwy 2, Richmond Plantation, St. Joseph, 246-433-8152

Folkestone Marine Park and Visitor Center

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Scuba and snorkeling Boats and Ships Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

The National Conservation Commission oversees this protected reef. Sections of the water are set aside for research while other areas are available for snorkeling and other watersports. A Greek barge, the Stavronikita, was deliberately sunk for underwater exploration and is home to colorful species of fish. There is also a small aquarium that features a variety of sea life including a mini-reef.

Fort Charles

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions Photo Gallery

Fort Charles is located in the Garrison area of Barbados, just south of Bridgetown, at Needham Point. The fort was the largest of many that guarded the south and west coasts. Only the ramparts remain but there are a number of 24 pound cannons dating from 1824. There is also a military cemetery here.

Foursquare Rum Factory and Heritage Park

Food and Snacks Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions Photo Gallery

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This 350-year-old sugar plantation is now the site of a modern rum distillery and eight-acre heritage park that pays homage to Barbados past. Here visitors can see how rum is produced and learn more about sugar processing and seventeenth-century plantation life. The rum distillery, built in 1996, manufacturers ESA Field white rum and Alleyne Arthur Old Brigand labels. The heritage park showcases Barbados culture with its theater, artists' studios, café serving refreshments, a small folk museum with exhibits about early plantation life, and a shopping area displaying Bajan crafts by local craftsmen. There is also a children's park and petting zoo on the grounds.  Foursquare is very near The Crane, just outside Six Cross Roads.

Entrance FeesCOST: $7.50 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 9-5 Call for more infoFoursquare Plantation, St. Philip, 246-420-1977

Francia Plantation

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions Photo Gallery

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Francia Plantation, located in the parish of St. George, is a must for visitors interested in heritage, history and antiques. It consists of the elegant Great House surrounded by beautiful terraced lawns and gardens. Francia Great House, highlighted in many international travel magazines, is an interesting blend of European and Caribbean styles. Francia Plantation features many Barbadian antiques, fine pieces of silver and china, Brazilian wood paneling, a collection of antique maps (one dating back to 1522), beautiful terraces and lawns as well as magnificent fountains and ferneries.

This still-operating plantation was opened to the public in 1989, although it is still owned and occupied by relatives of the original owners. The house was built in 1913 and blends traditional West Indian architecture with European influences. Several rooms in the house are available for tour. In the dining room, you will see the family silver and an 18th century clock. Notice the artwork hanging on the walls – one of the West Indian maps was printed in 1522. The grounds feature a self-guided tour along a nature trail; several artifacts, discovered on the plantation, are on display.

Francia Website Entrance FeesCOST: $5 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 10-4 Call for more infoNear Gun Hill, St. George, 246-429-0474

Garrison Historical Area

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions Photo Gallery

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The Garrison Historical Area contains many interesting 19th century military buildings, grouped around the Garrison Savannah parade ring, which is now the race course. Across the road is St Anne's' Fort which is still used by the Barbados defense force. You cannot enter, but there is a nice old clock tower and a fine verandah at The Main Guard and the National Cannon Collection, an impressive array of about 30 cannons.

Graeme Hall Swamp and Bird Sanctuary

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Photo Gallery

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This preserve is one of the few remaining swamps on Barbados. The 78-acre plot is your best bet for viewing rare red and white mangrove trees. This is also the only remaining habitat for sedge – a water grass that grows more than a yard tall. A boardwalk runs along the edge of the swamp; from there you can view herons, ospreys, coots, egrets and terns. There is also a walkthrough aviary and an information center with displays.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Website Entrance FeesCOST: $12.50 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 8-6 Call for more infoHwy 7, Across from Sandy Beach, Worthing, Christ Church, 246-435-9406

Grenade Hall Signal Station

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

In the early 1800s, six signal stations were erected across Barbados to relay messages quickly around the island. Recently restored by the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, the tower features exhibits and a panoramic view, with telescopes providing views to the other towers. The surrounding forest can be traversed on a coral stone walkway.
Call for more info  Farley Hill, St. Peter, 246-422-8826

Gun Hill Signal Station

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Built in 1818, the Gun Hill Signal Station was constructed as part of a six signal station system that allowed messages to be relayed around the island via lanterns and flags of different colors and sizes. At 704 feet above sea level, Gun Hill offers a magnificent 360-degree view of St. George Parish as well as a glimpse of military life. The station also served as a convalescent station for sick soldiers and remnants of its former role can still be seen--a cannon, guards' bedroom, cooking stove, and other military artifacts are still on view. This is one of the stops on the Adventureland Safari.

Visit this spot on a clear day – the views are amazing and stretch from east to west.  The Barbados National Trust owns and operates the station, which is one of only two such stations still in existence on the island. Be sure you examine the huge lion carved from a single rock. Captain Henry Wilkinson completed it in 1868 during his off-duty hours. The old military kitchen is now a snack bar serving refreshments, and a gift shop is available for souvenir buying.

The full-size lion that British soldier Henry Wilkinson carved out of limestone in 1868 is also still on display. The lion can be visited while on Island Safari. It makes a great photo op!

Entrance FeesCOST: $4.60 Open TimesOPEN: Weekdays 9-5 Call for more infoHwy 4, St. George, 246-429-1358

Hackleton's Cliff

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Hackleton's Cliff, in the parish of St. Joseph, rises almost perpendicularly within a few miles of the coastline and reaches a height of one thousand feet above sea-level.

According to legend, the cliff is named after a man who committed suicide by riding his horse off the cliff.

Naturally, this cliff offers one of the best views of Barbados' east coast. Bring along your camera!  Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the rugged eastern coast of Barbados when you camp with Higher Heights, an organization providing recreational and educational activities from their twenty-six acre site in the parish of St. Joseph. Both the Adventureland Safari and Island Safari include Hackleton's Cliff.

Harrison's Cave

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This limestone cave is reputed to be the largest of its kind in the Caribbean. Visitors ride a tram through an extensive cave system with an amazing spectacle of stalactites suspended from the cave roof and stalagmites emerging from the ground. In some areas, the stalactites and stalagmites have joined together to form pillars. Visitors also pass beautiful crystal-clear underground streams and ponds, gurgling streams, cascading waterfalls and amazing snow white, pear-shaped stalactites as well as a 40-foot waterfall. If you wish to view rock formations first-hand, you're invited to disembark at the Cascade Pool and in the Rotunda Room.

Harrison's Cave is located near the southern end of Welchman Hall Gully. After enjoying the sea and magnificent beaches of Barbados, an excursion to Harrison's Cave will show another side to the beautiful island: its country roads, historic homes, and churches, fields of sugar cane, lush vegetation, and underground - the unique beauty of Harrison's Cave.

Trams to Barbados' number one tourist attraction fill quickly, so you're encouraged to make advance reservations.  A cafe and gift shop are on site.

Harrison's Cave Website Entrance FeesCOST: $13 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 9-6; last tour at 4 Call for more infoHwy 2, Near Welchman Hall, St. Thomas, 246-438-66404
Harrison's Cave Website
Call for more info 

Harry Bayley Observatory

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

The observatory, Barbados only one, houses a 14-inch reflector telescope. The observatory, built in 1963, is the home of the Barbados Astronomical Society. The observatory is open every Friday night to the public. This is perfect treat for children and an educational experience for all ages, as you get to utilize modern telescopes and learn interesting tidbits from members of the Society. Admission is about BBD8 for adults, BBD5 for children. Occasionally telescopes are brought to The Crane for a more local experience.

Entrance FeesCOST: $5 Open TimesOPEN: Fri. 8:30 AM-11:30 PM Call for more infoHwy 6, Clapham, St. Michael, 246-426-1317

Heroes Square

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Across Broad Street from the Parliament Buildings and bordered by High and Trafalgar streets, this triangular plaza marks the center of town. It had a monument to Lord Horatio Nelson which predates that in London.  This square, renamed in 1999, was originally called Trafalgar Square. A statue of Lord Horatio Nelson predates London's statue of the same man by 27 years. The square is also home to a war memorial and a fountain celebrating the 1865 advent of running water on the island. Between Parliament and Careenage, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Highland Adventure Center Tours

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

This center offers hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking tours that allow you to experience the beauty and history of Barbados first-hand. Tour cane fields and old plantations and view the rugged Atlantic coast. Fees include hotel transport, a professional guide, horses or bikes, and free refreshments.
Call for more info  Canefield, Bridgetown, St. Thomas, 246-438-8069

Hightide Watersports

Scuba and snorkeling  Watersports Boats and Ships

This dive operator features a variety of exciting adventures. One- and two-tank dives are possible, including night reef dives and dives to explore wrecked ships. Instruction is available, and they will transport you to the dive site.
Call for more info  Coral Reef Club, Holetown, St. James, 246-432-0931

Hike Barbados

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Hike Barbados takes you through cane fields, gullies, tropical forests and coastal communities to explore the unique geological and social structure of Barbados. Along the way you will meet new friends, enjoy healthy exercise and observe the delicate balance of the unique heritage and environment of Barbados.

The hikes are FREE but donations are welcome towards the work of the Barbados National Trust (preserving our built and natural environment) and Treading Lightly (problem-solving for sustainability).

All morning hikes start at 6:00 a.m.
Afternoon hikes (Stop 'n' Stare only) start at 3:30 p.m.
The Moonlight Walks start at 5:30 p.m., you are advised to bring a torch to these walks.

All hikes start and finish at the meeting place (see the Calendar of Hikes).

Loose clothing, comfortable hiking boots/sports shoes, sunscreen, hat. Bring your camera and a bottle of water. Refreshments are on sale after the Hikes.

Walk Descriptions
The "Stop 'n' Stare" group walks for 5-6 miles,
the "Here 'n' There" group 8-10 miles,
and the "Grin 'n' Bear" group 12-14 miles.
All hikes last approximately 3 hours.
Call for more info  246-426-2421

Houses of Parliament

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

The Barbadian government is the third oldest in the entire British Commonwealth. This massive Gothic building, erected in 1874 to house the Senate and House of Assembly, is made of local coral limestone. A series of stained glass windows depicts British kings and queens and biblical quotations. An observation deck is available for visitors to witness the action – call to find out the day and time of the next session. The clock and the bells were imported from England in 1875.
Call for more info  Bridgetown, 246-426-5331

Morgan Lewis Windmill

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This is the best-preserved mill in the entire Caribbean. Dutch-style mills of this type began replacing less efficient cattle-powered mills around 1798. The Morgan Lewis mill was able to extract up to 65% of sugar found in the cane. Photos and sugar-manufacturing antiques, such as yokes and ladles, are on display. Be sure to climb to the top of the mill for an excellent, panoramic view.

Near Farley Hill Park, this 250-year-old cane-crushing mill is the largest remaining windmill in Barbados. Recently renovated, the mill commands a splendid panorama. Morgan Lewis is one of the only two intact and restored sugar mills in the Caribbean. The other is at Betty's Hope Estate on Antigua.

Maintained by the Barbados National Trust, the mill includes an exhibit of the equipment used to produce sugar at the time when the industry was run by windpower generated from mills such as this one. Although the old plantation house has seen better days it is still worth a visit! The rubble walls are comprised of boulders held together with a mixture of egg-white and coral dust (there was no cement when this plantation house was built!).
Call for more info Hwy 2, Farley Hill, St. Andrew

Mount Gay Rum Visitors Center

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Mount Gay has been in business for 300 years and claims to be the world's oldest rum distiller. Visitors can see how rum is produced at Mount Gay's visitor center. Both historic and modern distillery equipment is on display and gives visitors and understanding of how rum has been produced throughout the centuries. Admission to this working distillery includes an informative 40-minute tour and a free taste of the rum they produce. Tours with a buffet lunch and steel band entertainment are also available.

Mount Gay Rum Website Entrance FeesCOST: $6,
$27.50 with lunch
Open TimesOPEN: Weekdays 9-4 Call for more infoSpring Garden Hwy, Brandons, St. Michael, 246-425-8757

Mount Hillaby

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Mount Hillaby, situated in St.Andrew, is the highest point of the island - at 1,115 ft. or 343 metres above sea level!

Naturally, this site is one of the best scenic lookouts in Barbados, particularly of the Eastern and Northern sections of the island.

If you follow the narrow road through the village of Hillaby, you will be treated to captivating views of the East, West and North coasts of the island.

Mullins Beach

Beaches Food and Snacks  Watersports Scuba and snorkeling

This beach offers something for everyone. Swimmers will appreciate the calm, lapping waters, while snorkeling enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the area’s coral formations. Water skiing and jet skiing are also available. Drinks, snacks and full meals are served at the Mullins Beach Bar, right on the water. Ample parking is provided in a lot across the road from the beach.  Mullins Bay, South of Speightstown, St Peter

Needham's Point and Lighthouse

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This point is home to the island’s second oldest (but smallest) lighthouse, built in 1865. Red brick buildings that housed troops in the 1800s are also still standing, and Charles Fort is on view. The largest fort constructed during the 17th and 18th centuries, it was named for King Charles II of England. The adjacent beach is popular with locals and cruise ship passengers; changing rooms and showers are available. Carlisle Bay, South End

Ocean Park Barbados

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Barbados’ newest attraction opened in 2005. Ocean Park is a unique attraction bringing the spectacular underwater world of Barbados to all - without having to get wet! Ocean Park displays a fascinating collection of freshwater and tropical marine life of the Caribbean in a way that is exciting, unique and educational.

Entrance Fees

COST: Adults $7.50 US
Children 4-12 $10 US

Contact for current specials at
(246) 420-7405.

Open Times

OPEN: The Park
Summer (Tue – Sun) – 10am – 6pm
Winter (Daily) – 10am – 5pm
Tickets are valid all day. Combo tickets with Mini Golf are also available.
Pirate Adventure Mini Golf
Summer – 10am – 6pm
Winter – 10am – 5pm
Extended Mini Golf hours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Call for more info

Balls Complex in Christ Church, just off of the ABC highway

Orchid World

Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Orchid World, located on a six acre former chicken/pig farm, is surrounded by sugarcane in the heart of the Barbadian countryside. With an elevation of 810 ft a number of vantage points allow you to take in the view. The location is ideal for growing and displaying the more than 20,000 Orchids.

The well-landscaped, meandering path leads you on a self guided tour past a waterfall, through a coral grotto and eventually through five orchid houses. Many orchids are also on display along the path edge. Keep your eyes on the trees for orchids such as Schomburgkia that bloom once a year with spectacular results. Each turn of a corner offers a new and different view or floral delight.
Call for more info  St. George, 246-433-0306

Paynes Bay

Beaches Food and Snacks Scuba and snorkeling

Park opposite the Coach House and make the short walk to the soft, sandy beach on this calm bay. It's a great spot for swimmers and snorkeling enthusiasts alike. Food is available from several local pubs and snack shacks. South of Holetown, St. James

Portvale Sugar Museum

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The Sugar Museum is an adjunct to the Portvale Sugar Factory and is set in an old 'boiling house' of past sugar grinding times. The museum traces the story of sugar through large photographs and machinery. Tours of the working factory can also be arranged during the harvesting season (January to June).  St. James

Queen's Park

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Northeast of Bridgetown, Queen's Park contains one of the island's two immense baobab trees. Brought to Barbados from Guinea, in West Africa, around 1738, this tree's girth is more than 51 feet and takes more than 15 adults with outstretched arms to surround it.

Queen's Park Art Gallery, managed by the National Culture Foundation, is the island's largest gallery; exhibits change monthly. Queen's Park House, the historic home of the British troop commander, has been converted into a theater, with an exhibition room on the lower floor and a restaurant.

Entrance FeesCOST: Free Open TimesOPEN: Daily 9-5 Call for more infoConstitution Rd., Bridgetown, St. Michael, 246-427-2345

Ragged Point Lighthouse

Outdoor Activities, Zoos

You can drive right up to the lighthouse. This picturesque spot is worth getting out of the car and exploring. You can walk around the lighthouse and the ruins and follow the foot path, which goes to the cliff. It is an awe-inspiring view from both sides. At the cliff’s edge, if you look across the bay you will see a lone house perched on the ledge of the other side of the cliff. This is perhaps one of the few houses in the world where you can fish out your living room. Ragged Point is in St. Phillip, north of The Crane.


Food and Snacks

See the new Restaurants Page listing locations and phone numbers.

River Bay

Beaches Outdoor Activities, Zoos

This popular 'excursion' (all day picnic) spot for locals offers a completely different viewpoint of the island. Government has put in public amenities and this site offers a bit of everything from shady hills and nooks, a river inlet from the sea and a rugged open mouth to the northern Atlantic. The little streams running through the River Bay area are safe enough to wade in, but swimming near the mouth is strictly off limits because the undertow is very dangerous. (St. Lucy)

Sam Lord's Castle

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Now part of a Marriott resort, this exquisite mansion was built between 1788-1844 by the notorious pirate, Sam Lord. Lord was reputed to have captured his fortune by luring unsuspecting ships to what appeared to be a safe harbor. The ships ran aground on the treacherous reef and Lord made off with the cargo. With his fortune he built what was once the finest residence on the island.

Legend has it that Sam Lord used to hang lanterns in palms on the beach below where his castle now stands. Ship captains thought the lights signaled Carlisle Bay and would anchor offshore. Sam and his compatriots would then seize the ships and their treasure. By 1820, Sam had enough loot to erect this amazing structure, referred to as a “castle” because of its classic, notched battlement-style roof. Workmen from England and Italy helped create the spectacular interior woodwork and plaster ceilings. The ceiling in the saloon is a replica of one in Windsor Castle. Some of Sam’s furniture is still on display, including a massive brass-accented, claw-foot dining table. Some of the furniture, artwork and gilt mirrors are rumored to have been taken from ships that Sam pillaged. Sam Lord's Castle is north of The Crane.
Call for more info  Long Bay, St. Philip, 246-423-7350

Sandy Beach

Beaches Food and Snacks Scuba and snorkeling

The calm, shallow waters at this beach make it perfect for families with little swimmers. Kids of all ages (adults too!) will enjoy walking along the reef during low tide and finding exotic sea creatures. During high tide, the reef makes for excellent snorkeling. A nearby lot provides parking, and many restaurants in the area assure that you'll never go hungry. Worthing, Christ Church

Sandy Lane Golf Club

Outdoor Activities, Zoos

 This, the island’s most well-known and best-maintained golf course, is conveniently located just outside of Bridgewater at the Sandy Lane Hotel. The 18-hole course is undergoing an expansion to 36 holes; hole number 7 has an international reputation due to its beauty. Gerald Ford, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Frank Sinatra have all hit the links at this spot.
Call for more info  Sandy Lane Hotel, Outside Bridgetown, St. James, 246-432-1145


Scuba and snorkeling  Watersports Boats and Ships

This is Barbados newest addition to the already popular “Adventure Tours” tourism segment. It is a big hit with long stay and cruise ship passengers alike.

The excitement of sitting in a real power boat as it blasts across the waves is an awesome experience and has proven it's popularity already in the Bahamas, Aruba, Costa Rica and other locations. It's as close as any everyday person can get to a real off-shore power boat experience!

The authentic specially designed 55' Power Boat carries 40 “adventurers” at speeds up to 50 mph in complete safety and comfort. Seafari offers fully trained local captains with years of knowledge of the sea and shoals surrounding Barbados and the Grenadines .

Seafari offers a host of different tours starting with a 1 hour “Blue Water” ride and a 2 hour “Spash & Dash” snorkel experience! More exciting and diverse tours are planned to be added in the near future.
Call for more info  Seafari Adventures Barbados
Bush Hall Main Road, St. Michael, Barbados
Tel: (246) 429-5337  Fax: (246) 429-8147  

Silver Bank

Scuba and snorkeling

This 60- to 80-foot dive is appropriate for intermediate to advanced divers. The coral reef attracts beautiful tropical fish and sea fans. The Atlantis submarine operates in the area, and fish are attracted to it, thanks to the frequent feedings they receive!

Silver Rock Windsurfing Rentals

 Watersports Outdoor Activities, Zoos

This sports shop can arrange most any type of water sport activities for you, but they specialize in windsurfer rentals and lessons. This is a popular venue for major competitions, and international windsurfing star Brian Talma trained in these waters. You can windsurf right outside the shop, or they will point you toward the beaches with the best wind and surf conditions.
Call for more info  Silver Sands, Silver Rock Adventure Sports Resort, Christ Church, 246-428-2866

Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum

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In the Photo Gallery soon

Inside a modern sugar factory, the museum features a collection of restored machinery gathered from island sugar cane plantations. Also witness today’s process of grinding cane at the adjoining Portvale Sugar Factory. An intrinsic part of Barbadian history, producing sweets, sugar, molasses and of course rum, the story of sugar will spring to life before your eyes. The museum houses a fine collection of original machinery, inside a converted sugar boiling house, and at the end of the tour, you can sample fine sugar delicacies.

During the grinding season (February to May) you can also take a tour of the modern factory and see how sugar is processed today.
Call for more info  St. James, 246-432-0100

Skyrider Parasail

 Watersports Outdoor Activities, Zoos

This company lets you tour the island's beauty from a different vantage - 200 feet in the air! Soar above the crystal waters, pink sand beaches and swaying palms. A 10-minute lesson is only $60 US, and the instructors are trained professionals.
Call for more info  Bay St, St Michael, 246-435-0570

St. James Church

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos

St James Church was originally built of wood in 1628, but was replaced by a stone structure in 1680. It was beautifully restored in 1983 and is well worth visiting. The date of the round tower with its spiral staircase is unknown, but the baptismal font is dated 1684, and the King William III bell,1696. The recent restoration has preserved the feeling of antiquity throughout the property.

St. Michaels Cathedral

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos

Northeast of National Heroes Square lies the 18th century St Michaels Cathedral. It has a fine set of inscriptions, a single hand clock, fine vaulted ceilings and some tombs dating back to 1675.

Spry St., east of National Heroes Sq., Bridgetown, St. Michael

St. Nicholas Abbey

Food and SnacksHistoric Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

Actually a Jacobean mansion, St. Nicholas Abbey dates to the early seventeenth-century and is the oldest building on the island. Much of the original circa 1650-1660 building remains, although the interior furnishings have been replaced. The owners owners went on to help found and settle the colony of South Carolina (USA).

This spectacular home was never actually an abbey – a previous owner just liked the sound of the name! Built in 1650, this is the island’s oldest great house and is thought to be one of only three Jacobean-style houses still standing in the Western Hemisphere. The first floor, decorated with period furnishings, is fully restored and open to the public. The Calabash Café serves light lunches and afternoon tea. Fascinating home movies, shot by the current owner's father, record Bajan life in the 1930s.

Entrance FeesCOST: $5 Open TimesOPEN: Weekdays 10-3:30 Call for more infoNear Cherry Tree Hill, St. Lucy, 246-422-8725


Scuba and snorkeling Boats and Ships

This 365-foot Greek freighter was sunk to form an artificial reef. The wreck lies in roughly 120 feet of water, and butterfly fish and tropical corals abound. It is possible to fully explore this huge ship. See the Stavronikita from Folkestone Marine Park and Visitor Center.

Sunbury Plantation House

Food and Snacks Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions

A fire in 1995 destroyed all of Sunbury Plantation except the thick stone outer walls. However, the 300-year old home has been fully restored to its previous splendor and is the only great house in Barbados with all rooms open for viewing. This museum provides a glimpse of life on an 18th or 19th century Bajan sugar plantation. Period furnishings and old prints decorate the interior, and old carriages and agricultural vehicles provide a glimpse of working life. A wonderful restaurant serves lunch and dinner, and the plantation sponsors a weekly candlelight dinner served on a 200 year old mahogany table – call ahead for times and reservations. The house has 12-inch thick stone walls built of local coral blocks strong enough to withstand hurricanes and ballast stones from the English sailing ships that picked up shipments of Barbadian sugar.

Sunbury Plantation House is steeped in history, featuring mahogany antiques, old prints and a unique collection of horse-drawn carriages. This is the only great house in Barbados, with all rooms available for viewing.

The Courtyard Restaurant and bar offer refreshments to visitors daily. Open 7 days a week 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (last tour at 4:30 p.m.)

Sunbury is located in the tranquil St. Philip countryside, in the rolling hills of St. George and into St. Philip. You'll see the signs just after Six Cross Roads (where the Emerald City grocery store and Chefette are located) when visiting Sunbury from The Crane.

Sunbury Website Entrance FeesCOST: $5 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 10-4 Call for more info St. Philip, 246-423-6270

Trafalgar Square and Fountain Garden

Historic Sites and Museums

Across from the Parliament Buildings is Trafalgar Square at the very top of Broad Street. Here you will see the Lord Nelson statue, erected in 1813, some three decades before the London version.  The fountain, called the Dolphin Fountain, was put up in 1865 to hail the arrival of piped water into Bridgetown.

Tyrol Cot Heritage Village

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 In the Photo Gallery

Charming Tyrol Cot was built in 1854 of coral stone and is a wonderful example of period architecture. In the twentieth century, this cottage became the home of Sir Grantley Adams, the first premier of Barbados, and his son Tom Adams, Barbados' second premier. Sir Grantley Adams was the leader of the Bajan independence movement. The Palladian-style house was built in 1854 of native coral stone and is filled with their furnishings and memorabilia. The adjacent four-acre estate has been turned into a “heritage village” representing life in a Barbadian town circa 1920. Blacksmiths, potters and craftsmen work in the former chattel houses and you may buy their wares. A café serves refreshments.
Call for more info Codrington Hill, St. Michael, 246-424-2074

Welchman Hall Gully

Historic Sites and Museums Outdoor Activities, Zoos Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions Photo Gallery

In the Photo Gallery

Once a mile-long limestone cave, the gully is now flanked by cliffs and awesome formations, boasting some 200 species of tropical plants. It is the island's only remaining rainforest. Home to exotic flora including nutmeg, banana and flowering plants, this oasis recalls a wilderness as it appeared to the island’s first settlers.

This national park is owned and operated by the Barbados National Trust, which has kept the area as wild and lush as possible. Some of the species of flora were here before the first settlers arrived in 1627. A descendant of the Welshman for whom the gully is named planted additional ones in the 1860s. Many of the plants on view – including clove, nutmeg and cocoa – are labeled. Breadfruit trees are also on display – local legend has it that they're from seedlings brought by the Bounty’s Captain Bligh. Benches scattered around the park allow visitors to rest spy on monkeys or tropical birds.

Entrance FeesCOST: $5.75 Open TimesOPEN: Daily 9-5 Call for more infoHwy 2, Outside Bridgetown, St. Thomas, 246-438-6671

West Side Scuba Centre

Scuba and snorkeling Boats and Ships

This full-service dive center offers all levels of instruction, as well as equipment, video and underwater camera rentals. They lead tours of reef and wreck dives, including night dives, and will provide transport to the site.
Call for more info Sunset Crest Beach Club, Baku Beach, Holetown, St. James, 246-432-2558

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